What is Flexitarian?

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What is Flexitarian?

By definition,a FLEXITARIAN diet is one that is plant based with the occasional inclusion of meat. At Balibola we believe that animals are FRIENDS NOT FOOD.

Our philosophy is to serve meatless plates but still be able to cater to everyone - which is why you will find only one dish of ours that includes fish. It is not so much about restricting yourself, but more about eating healthy & occasionally eating meat.

Moreover, it is about being flexible, making the gradual transition into vegetarian foods while simultaneously giving our furry friends a better & longer life in which they deserve. It is about loving your body & feeding it with the right fuel. And most of it all, it’s about sustaining Earth, for our future generations.




Healthy, organic & plant based

Our dishes are inspired by staple meals all around the world & are carefully crafted to taste as authentic as can be – just meatless. We have developed their own faux meats which are incorporated in some of our dishes to entice & entertain our taste-buds. Think faux chicken nuggets, faux bacon, faux beef, faux pulled pork made out of plant based produce. You will see beautifully plated dishes like our signature OMG! Ricotta Pancake & vibrant smoothie bowls that are Instagram worthy with zero compromise of taste.
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Healthy, organic & plant based
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